Withdrawal Policy

1. Pre-Review Withdrawal:

  • Authors can withdraw their manuscript at any time before the review process begins.
  • To withdraw, authors should send a clear and concise email notification to the PJSSR editorial office, stating their intention to withdraw the manuscript and its title.
  • No further action is required, and the manuscript will be considered withdrawn without prejudice.

2. Withdrawal During Review:

  • Authors can withdraw their manuscript until a reviewer has been assigned or the review process has formally commenced.
  • To withdraw, authors should email the PJSSR editorial office as outlined above.
  • In such cases, PJSSR may request a brief explanation for withdrawal to improve future editorial processes.

3. Withdrawal After Review:

  • Once the review process has begun, withdrawal is generally discouraged and may require justification.
  • Authors should carefully consider the implications of withdrawal after reviewers have invested time and effort in providing feedback.
  • If authors insist on withdrawal after review, they must provide a compelling reason to the PJSSR editorial office, such as:
    • Discovery of significant errors or flaws in the research
    • Ethical concerns arising after submission
    • Change in research direction or project focus
  • The PJSSR editorial team will review the justification and may:
    • Approve the withdrawal with no further action.
    • Request revisions to address the concerns before allowing withdrawal.
    • In rare cases, decline the withdrawal request if the justification is deemed insufficient.

4. Consequences of Withdrawal:

  • Withdrawn manuscripts will not be published in PJSSR and will not be considered for future submissions without significant revisions and resubmission.
  • In cases of repeated withdrawals without justification, PJSSR may reserve the right to decline future submissions from the author(s).

5. Additional Notes:

  • Authors are encouraged to communicate openly and promptly with the PJSSR editorial office regarding any withdrawal requests.
  • This policy is subject to change at the discretion of the PJSSR editorial team.
  • Authors are advised to consult the latest version of the policy on the PJSSR website before submitting their manuscripts.